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King of Bones / King of Pentacles

Thinking and engaging with matter and the material also means:

To think about material conditions and embodiment.

It means thinking about work, money, capitalism. It means thinking about the idea of dialectical materialism and how our material conditions determine our consciousness. It means thinking about the entanglement of matter and meaning.

It means thinking about my, your, our position in the global political economy.

It means thinking about embodiment and how our different embodiments shape what we know, feel, think and do.

Thinking an engaging with matter also means coming to terms with the injustice with which it is interwoven and it means to derive actions from it.


Tarot: The Wooden Tarot, created by Andrew Liam Swartz

Fotocollage: Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona, Markus Spiske, Jennifer Burk, Eric Prouzet, Maximilian Scheffler, Chris Briggs

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